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Save Time, Save Money

24/7 Dedicated Staff

With Dowco’s four international offices, our staff is working around the clock in different time zones. The sun never sets on a Dowco project.



Project Efficiency

Due to our experience, and timezone coverage, we are able to detect pain points in projects before they arise. This keeps our workflow more efficient, and creates massive cost savings.




Dowco’s Commitment to Sustainability


Steel Detailing

DOWCO provides 3D structural modeling and steel detailing services for medium to large construction projects (large scale and highly complex projects being their speciality) requiring structural steel, miscellaneous steel, and plate work.

Pre-Construction Modeling

DOWCO are strong proponents of steel detailers working directly for, and or, with the Structural Engineer, or General Contractor during the design and tender stage.

Connection Design

DOWCO offers a full connection design service, including sealed designs via a select few sub-contractors who specialize in connection design.

Building Information Modeling

Many of today's complex structures are incredibly hard to visualize. Sketches help the designer to decide the aesthetics of a structure, but often the only way to accurately position the structural elements is to create a 3D model of geometry.

Mass Timber

DOWCO is innovating in the mass timber industry, creating unique structures that have special benefits for impact on the planet. Mass timber provides several benefits to the environment, which ties into our sustainability mandate.

Rebar Detailing

DOWCO's team of experience rebar detailers utilize modern 3D technology solutions to design, model and detail reinforced concrete structures.

Bridge Detailing

DOWCO's production team includes a dedicated bridge crew to make your bridge project a success. From foot bridges, highway and railway structures, essentially no bridge detailing job is too simple or too complex for the team of detailers assembled at DOWCO Consultants.

Dowco Constructability Consulting

DOWCO can assist Project Owners by establishing 'best practices and workflow management' (eg. model based approval and communication processes).

Expert Witness

The Dowco Group of Companies is comprised of more than 300 highly skilled, industry knowledge workers.


Logo Inspiration

The iconography for Dowco takes inspiration from the complex building information models and architecture that Dowco has worked on. A key to the brand visual identity, within the icon, is the forward movement and direction of the company.

With the next 50 years in mind, the icon was developed to represent progressive, perpetual movement in the industry, and within the technologies that help build the world. 3-Dimensional space is represented within the icon, which was developed with horizon points of reference.

Finally, the icon represents the founders; the Dobbie name, found within the essence of the brand. The abstract representation is too abstract for the average viewer to recognize, but represents a strong tie into the historical innovative nature of the founding family.