DOWCO Group of Companies

Building Modeling Service

Shop Drawings (Steel, Rebar and Mass Timber)

Dowco has been creating accurate shop drawings since 1970.

BIM Coordination

As custodians of the Master BIM model we perform quality model checks daily.

Clash Detection and Reports

Perform multi-disciplinary clash detection/prevention and generate clash reports.

On-Site Coordination

On-site coordination meetings/visits with Augmented Reality assets for monitoring construction progress and accuracy.

As-Built Drawings

Provide final coordinated digital asset (3D model and drawings) for Architects & Engineers to review. This can be utilized for upgrades, maintenance and facilities management, as well as a design reference for future projects.

4D BIM – Construction Planning & Sequencing

Provide schedule data into the BIM model for construction simulations and for tracking construction sequence progress.

5D BIM - Quantity Take-Off/ Material Take-Off

Provide real-time extraction of BOM and BOQ data from fully developed parametric building components of the virtual model.

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Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Dowco Primarily focuses on what some refer to as Structural BIM – or “S-BIM”. We believe this workflow and technology dramatically streamlines the construction process and accelerates Fabrication. Many of today’s complex structures are incredibly hard to visualize. Sketches help the designer decide the aesthetics of a structure, but often the only way to accurately position structural elements is to create a 3D model of the Geometry.

Dowco’s experienced teams work to both imperial and metric standards. All work complies with AISC and CISC requirements and staff consult closely with clients to ensure that standards are adhered to.

Dowco’s BIM team offers the following specialized BIM services and more:

  • 3D structural stick modelling
  • Multi material modelling (concrete, glazing, curtain wall)
  • Digital ‘walk through” to resolve clashes or conflicts.
  • Model based Estimating and bid submission support services
  • BIM Coordination and Management
  • Model hosting
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BIM Services Company

Dowco’s 50+ year history, heritage, and ongoing success can be explained simply: At Dowco, we believe in our services and products. We are dedicated to bringing integrity and trust back to the design and construction industry, and are committed to clear and unambiguous language at every point of contact. We demonstrate this commitment by providing a superior quality service.

Dowco have been members of Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) teams at early stages of many design build BIM projects. With specialized construction knowledge, effective collaboration methods and applications, we have delivered added value through true integration between Design and Construction. Employing advanced 3D modeling technology, Dowco Project Managers, Engineers, and Drafting teams offer design/engineering, component integration, and 4D/5D modeling and construction services; all of which are essential for an efficient building model.

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Dowco’s Commitment to Sustainability