Dowco Consultants is a service company specializing in 3D modelling, Steel Detailing and BIM Services. Size, global reach, adoption of leading edge technology, software and innovative processes keep Dowco’s employees challenged and productive for the benefit of their customers. No project is too big, too complex or too advanced for their infrastructure. Dowco prides itself in quality, timely delivery of projects and open communication with clients. Dowco Consultants client’s success, represents their success.

Steel Detailing

Dowco provides 3D structural modeling and steel detailing services for construction projects of any size (large scale and highly complex projects being a specialty) requiring structural steel, miscellaneous steel, and plate work. Services include: Pre-Construction modelling, connection design, project management, model and drawing checking, shop and erection drawings and structural BIM coordination.

Dowco’s experienced teams work to both imperial and metric standards. All work complies with AISC and CISC requirements and staff consult closely with clients to ensure that standards are adhered to.

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Pre-Construction Modeling (LOD 300 – LOD 400)

Dowco are strong proponents of steel detailers working directly for, and, or, with the structural engineer, or general contractor during the design and tender stage. Using specialized cloud-based software to rapidly deliver designed and optimized connected models early in the project Dowco’s approach eliminates double handling, reduces the number of RFI’s (requests for information), and change orders later in a project. Having fully connected and detailed structural models, drawings and material reports available at the tender stage reduces risk for steel fabricators, and allows them to order material and start fabrication as soon as the contract is awarded.

Connection Design

Dowco offers a full connection design service, including sealed designs via sub-contractors who specialize in connection design. To expedite and optimize the connecting process, Dowco uses a specialized cloud-based software to deliver fast and flexible connections with cost and schedule savings in mind. In all cases, working directly with the connection designer to ensure that connections meet client requirements and can be easily implemented in Tekla Structures for steel detailing.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Many of today’s complex structures are incredibly hard to visualize. Sketches can help the designer decide the aesthetics of a structure, but often the only way to accurately position structural elements is to create a 3D model of the geometry. This model can then be utilized further in the creation of a fully integrated Building Information Model that can be used for planning, design, construction, and operation of the facility.
Dowco’s BIM team offers the following specialized BIM services:

  • 3D structural stick modelling
  • Multi material modelling (concrete, glazing, curtain wall)
  • Digital ‘walk throughs” to resolve clashes or conflicts.
  • Model based Estimating and bid submission support services
  • BIM Coordination and Management
  • Model hosting
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Mass Timber

DOWCO is a full-breadth mass timber detailer, equipped to support developers, specifiers, and builder clients with the full range of mass timber preconstruction solutions.

Mass timber supports great design, efficient construction, comfortable living, and environmental responsibility, all while providing phenomenal long-term investment returns for building developers and owners.

No matter the project stage or specification needs, we are equipped to add value to mass timber projects. Learn more about how Dowco's mass timber modelling and detailing expertise and how we can support your next project.

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Bridge Detailing

Dowco’s production team includes a dedicated bridge crew to make your bridge project a success. From foot bridges, highway and railway structures, essentially no bridge detailing job is too simple or too complex for the expert team of detailers assembled at Dowco Consultants.

Combining detailing, modeling and connection design skills Dowco can deliver: 3D models; shop drawings; erection drawings; placement drawings; blocking diagrams; bills of material; FabTrol .kss and .xsr files; CNC files; CSV files; plate development details, including allowances for cutting/ burning; and center of gravity information.

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Rebar Detailing

Dowco’s team of experienced rebar detailers utilize modern 3D technology solutions to design, model and detail reinforced concrete structures.

Major benefits realized from the application of sophisticated 3D modeling tools are early detection of interferences, greater efficiency in change management, precise take-offs, material management, reduction of errors, and clearer interpretation of design drawings. Strong proponents of BIM and a multidisciplinary workflow, Dowco is keen to incorporate other stakeholders in a BIM workflow. In doing so, Dowco’s technology-centric approach simplifies details, increases productivity and facilitates integration between design, detailing and construction teams.

Dowco Constructability Consulting

Redefining the construction process through the Steel Fabrication Contract by solving issues at the design stage, rather than discovering them downstream during fabrication and construction when Rework, RFI’s, and Change Orders are significantly more costly. Look before you leap.

Up to 70% of total rework experienced in construction and engineering projects are a result of design-induced rework. [Quality]

Designed for the General Contractor, Dowco’s Constructability Consulting service provides an early review of design in order to deliver a clear definition of scope and visualization of the structure. Dowco develops an LOD 400 Structural Model containing the structural steel and/or concrete components during the Construction Document (CD) stage of the project design. This Fabrication Ready Model will pay huge dividends for the GC when it comes to Fabricator performance, project communication, schedule, costs and margins.

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Dowco Constructability Consulting

52% of rework is caused by poor project data and miscommunication. [Autodesk + FMI]

$31.3 billion in rework was caused by poor project data and miscommunication in the U.S. alone in 2018. [Autodesk + FMI]

Dowco’s Virtual Constructability Model
  • Facilitates BIM (if willing participation from sub-trades)
  • Provides a clear definition of scope and visualization of the structure
  • Enhanced clash detection and prevention
  • Structural fly-through and animations
  • Crane placement simulations
  • Visualise erection scheduling and sequencing
  • Accurate advanced materials lists

Creation of a Fabrication Ready Model (= less costly rework and better fabricator performance)

61% report BIM processes reduce project error. [Dodge Data and Analytics]

Dowco’s Virtual Constructability Model

Expert Witness

The Dowco Group of Companies is comprised of more than 300 highly skilled, industry knowledge workers. With 50+ years of steel industry and business experience, Dowco has contributed expertise and applied technology on some of the most technically challenging projects in the world. Dowco experts have assisted project owners and professionals with case material that examines whether project participants faced design and construction hurdles according to industry standards, and equipped with appropriate technology and best practices.