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The Future

Who you have been will shape who you will become


For 50 years, Dowco has been at the forefront of the steel detailing industry. We have been pioneers, paving the way for the introduction of CAD in the ‘80s, 3D modeling in the ’90s, BIM and collaborative project workflows in the 2000s. Today, the 3D design, detailing, BIM and digital construction services market continues to grow as construction of skyscrapers and iconic structures that could only be imagined just a few years ago mushroom around the world.

And we are a big part of the reason these structures can be built. Dowco takes the dreams of architects and builders and makes them come true.

The Next 50 Years

As North America’s first user and reseller of Tekla Structures in 1995, we know what technology in the hands of experienced detailers can achieve. Compressed construction schedules, iterative design and early connected fabrication ready models are becoming the norm, and the demand for technology centric collaborative preconstruction professionals has never been greater.

Just as we have done for the past 50 years, we will continue to do for the next 50, and beyond. No challenge is too great, no problem insurmountable, no obstacle unavoidable. We have always found a way to make the impossible real, to make the dream a reality. Our work proves it.

We continue to innovate with digital speed preconstruction services in constructability, steel, rebar, mass timber modeling, detailing, BIM and Virtual Design and Construction.

Our Commitment to Innovation

As changing times and technological advances provide us opportunities to re-imagine the future of construction, we will continue to set the standard for the industry. Cloud based, 24/7 global operations, BIM tools for hundreds of production staff, half a century of industry experience, staff with decades of steel fabrication and construction experience, strategic partnerships with industry leaders (Qnect), and a spirit to overcome and achieve are only a few examples of Dowco’s commitment to innovate and blaze a trail for others to follow.

The Future of Dowco

Our industry is evolving, the demand for more efficient building systems never greater. We have been ahead of our time in pre-construction planning, and the industry is starting to catch up to us. We are the forefront of a new era in construction. Come along for the ride.

We welcome you to the future with Dowco.

Dowco’s Commitment to Sustainability