DOWCO Group of Companies

Pre-Construction Services

Dowco is known for providing value to project stakeholders early in the construction process whether a design build project, or a traditional workflow. In fact, Dowco have been members of Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) teams at early stages of many notable design-build BIM projects. With specialized construction knowledge, effective collaboration methods and applications, Dowco have achieved and delivered value through true integration between design and construction.

Some services include: Steel Modeling and Detailing, Mass Timber Modeling and Detailing, Rebar Modeling and Detailing, Bridge Detailing, Connection Design, and Constructability Consulting Employing applications like Tekla Structures and QNECT, Dowco Project Managers, Engineers, and Drafting Division offer design/engineering, component integration, and 4D/5D modeling/construction services, all of which are essential for an efficient building model.

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Pre-Construction Modeling (LOD 300)

Dowco are strong proponents of steel detailers working directly with the structural engineer, or general contractor during the design and tender stage. Using specialized cloud-based software to rapidly deliver designed and optimized connected models early in the project, Dowco’s approach eliminates double handling, reduces the number of RFI’s (requests for information), and change orders later in a project.

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LOD 400 Modeling

At Dowco, we believe developing an LOD 400 connected model brings tremendous tangible and intangible value to the steel fabrication contract as it allows you to "look before you leap". When Dowco develops a LOD 400 Fabrication Ready model, we confirm factors like actual steelwork locations, clearances required, the types of welds and weld preparations to be used, and material thicknesses. Additionally, unlike simpler LOD 200 or 300 models, LOD 400 models can actually be used for fabrication, and highly accurate erection plans can be generated. We provide accurate representation of all Fabrication/Installation details, period The result is a massively streamlined RFI resolution process, less headaches, and a more efficient process.

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Dowco’s Commitment to Sustainability

Construction Mega Projects

Dowco has a rich history of successfully delivering services to some of the most complex iconic structures in the world. Whether it be a Disney theme park, fantastical museum, athletic stadium, or landmark high-rise tower in New York City, no project is too big or small for Dowco. Dowco Consultants Ltd has assembled possibly the largest North American experienced production staff providing ‘specialized’ 3D engineering and detailing services.

Dowco’s unique global IT-enabled 24/6 production operation enables the company to compress time and create a ‘blended rate’-pricing scenario which serves to ensure competitive pricing in an increasingly competitive and globalized marketplace.

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Construction Modeling

Dowco’s history of innovating with CAD:

1970: Incorporated

1980: Early entry into 2D CAD

1995: 1st Tekla Structures user and reseller in North America. We standardized drawing production using 3D models.

2000: We became the largest fully automated steel detailing company in the world. As BIM pioneers, we were asked to collaborate with 3D models on multiple Frank Gehry projects.

2005: Dowco established an IT-Enabled multi-office (global) workflow

Today: One of North America’s premier Pre-Construction, Modeling, and Detailing service providers.

If you require professional construction modeling, consider DOWCO Consultants Ltd's services.

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3D Construction Modeling

3D construction modeling is often a critical element during the Pre-construction planning phase of a project. A 3D Construction Model can help facilitate design, engineering, and fabrication. Dowco’s team can be engaged to ensure costs and schedule certainty. Several software programs can be used for this, such as Tekla, AutoCAD and Revit. The benefits of early engagement and the utilization of 3D construction models include:

  • Allows you to visualize the project during pre-construction
  • Mitigates budget risk and improves schedule certainty
  • Exponentially easier to share designs and ideas for immediate feedback.
  • Better coordination and clash detection. Helping identify issues and problems in the early stages for corrections or improvements
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3D Modeling Services

Since 1970, Dowco has grown from a three-person operation to become one of the largest fully-automated 3D Modeling, Detailing and Virtual Construction Service providers in the world. Established in British Columbia, Canada, the company today employs more than 240 staff across 4 offices and 4 countries.

  • Structural Model Creation
  • Fabrication Model Creation
  • Structural Steel Detailing
  • Mass Timber Modeling and Detailing
  • Rebar Modeling and Detailing
  • Cast in Place Modeling and Detailing
  • Model-Based Estimating
  • BIM coordination and Management
  • Bridge Modeling and Detailing
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