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Dowco Constructability Consulting

Dowco can redefine the construction process through the Steel Fabrication Contract by solving issues at the design stage, rather than discovering them downstream during fabrication and construction when Rework, RFI’s, and Change Orders are significantly more costly. Look before you leap.

Up to 70% of total rework experienced in construction and engineering projects are a result of design-induced rework. [Quality]

Designed for the General Contractor, Dowco’s Constructability Consulting service provides an early review of design in order to deliver a clear definition of scope and visualization of the structure. Dowco develops an LOD 400 Structural Model containing the Structural Steel, Mass Timber, and/or Concrete components during the Construction Document (CD) stage of the project design. This Fabrication Ready Model will pay huge dividends for the GC when it comes to Fabricator performance, project communication, schedule, costs and margins.

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52% of rework is caused by poor project data and miscommunication. [Autodesk + FMI ] $ 31.3 billion in rework was caused by poor project data and miscommunication in the U.S. alone in 2018. [ Autodesk + FMI ]


  • Facilitates BIM (if willing participation from sub-trades)
  • Provides a clear definition of scope and visualization of the structure
  • Enhanced clash detection and prevention
  • Structural fly-through and animations
  • Crane placement simulations
  • Visualize erection scheduling and sequencing
  • Accurate advanced materials lists

Creation of a Fabrication Ready Model (= less costly rework and better fabricator performance )

61% report BIM processes reduce project error. [Dodge Data and Analytics]

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BIM Services Company

Dowco’s 50+ year history, heritage, and ongoing success can be explained simply: At Dowco, we believe in our services and products. We are dedicated to bringing integrity and trust back to the design and construction industry, and are committed to clear and unambiguous language at every point of contact. We demonstrate this commitment by providing a superior quality service.

Dowco have been members of Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) teams at early stages of many design build BIM projects. With specialized construction knowledge, effective collaboration methods and applications, we have delivered added value through true integration between Design and Construction. Employing advanced 3D modeling technology, Dowco Project Managers, Engineers, and Drafting teams offer design/engineering, component integration, and 4D/5D modeling and construction services; all of which are essential for an efficient building model.

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Dowco’s Commitment to Sustainability