Managing Director (Philippines)

About Dowco

Dowco Group of Companies is a leading specialized 3D modeling and steel detailing company, and is one of the largest fully automated steel detail engineering companies in the world. With a proven track record of exceptional detailing quality, Dowco’s professional solutions are unrestricted by geographical boundaries serving regional, national and international markets. Dowco Group of Companies is a global enterprise consisting of offices in the Philippines, India, Chile and Canada.

During its 47 years in business Dowco has looked for innovative ways to elevate itself from its competition. Techniques in detail engineering have changed dramatically over the past few decades. Dowco’s ability to recognize change and embrace new technologies sets it apart from its competitors.

Early adopters to technology, Dowco Consultants became the first steel detailing services company in the world to enter into the realm of computer automated drafting in the early 1980’s. 1995, Dowco made the jump from 2D CAD to the world of 3D Modeling and detailing when they became the first user and also reseller of Tekla Structures 3D modeling software in North America.

Dowco has a global IT infrastructure enabling virtual collaboration with project team(s) and between all Dowco production offices.

Overall Objectives

The Managing Director shall be responsible for day to day operations of Dowco Group’s Philippines operation. Experience managing all aspects of operations including, but not limited to, project and people management, government policies, labor laws and best HR practices is a requirement.

The Managing Director will be expected to perform his/her responsibilities in an exemplary manner, and in alignment with the company’s core values. The Managing Director will be a leader and motivator for staff and will fully participate in all company programs, policies, procedures, and initiatives, at the local and corporate level. The Managing Director will work closely with the Dowco Groups CEO, Executive VP, VP, CFO and HR Manager.


The Managing Director is accountable to the President in all matters.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Ensure all personnel perform allocated tasks effectively and maintain a healthy and safe working environment and culture.
  • Understand roles and responsibilities of all personnel and insure that they are following through on their tasks.
  • Awareness of company accounts and obligations as well as a broad understanding of the different budgets allocated to SDE.
  • Work with Corporate Human Resource Manager to ensure all HR related functions are effectively managed i.e. including the hiring process, coordination of benefits (HMO), performance evaluations and basic people management.
  • Comprehensive understanding of employees’ strengths and weaknesses, harnessing strengths and managing weaknesses.
  • Communicate effectively with respect to all staff, with an aim to keep staff motivated and performing at the highest levels of productivity.
  • Facilitate communication between shift managers & supervisors
  • Educate & train direct reports concerning project budgets, performance, engagement, leadership and interpersonal skills etc.
  • Work with the Executive Team to develop practical and efficient core processes vital to success i.e. best practices. Ensure that all departments are notified and educated when new processes are introduced
  • Travel when and where required to satisfy core responsibilities.

The responsibilities listed above are intended to identify specific job related items applicable to the Managing Director position. As with other job classifications, the Managing Director will be expected from time to time, to perform tasks which are normally the responsibility of others. On these occasions, it is expected that these tasks will be performed as though they were listed above as normal responsibilities.

Reporting Responsibilities

  • Communication with the Executive Team and the Human Resources Manager must occur on a regular, if not daily basis. As the eyes and ears for Dowco’s Canadian HQ, constant and pertinent communication is essential.
  • Report to the Executive Vice President (EVP) on a weekly basis to advise ongoing production or operational concerns, initiatives, etc.
  • Provide weekly update highlighting areas of training needed and recommendations for development.
  • Create and maintain an employee evaluation spreadsheet. Work with HR Manager to create and maintain. This will be reviewed monthly with HR Manager, EVP and yourself.
  • Tips and tricks content for monthly internal memos. Minimum 300 words with some images. To be issued to EVP at the middle of each month.


The Managing Director must have the following experience and skill set:

  • Capable of managing office with greater than 50 employees.
  • Possess excellent people skills and intuition, good communicator, and a leader.
  • Someone that approaches personnel with fairness and respect in all situations.
  • Fluent in Tagalog and English in both written and verbal communication.
  • Proactive and takes initiative to solve problems early.
  • Adapts to situations quickly and exercises extreme judgement.
  • Perform daily duties with honesty and integrity.
  • Construction and steel detailing experience is not required but considered an asset.


  • Business Undergraduate Degree
  • Master’s Degree would be a benefit
  • Related Leadership Courses or Volunteer Work for Associations
  • Minimum 10 years’ experience
  • Experience in the steel construction/design industry would be a benefit

Scope of Authority

  • All HR decisions and expenditures must be approved.
  • Manage petty cash budget on a monthly basis, and be responsible for all purchases, as well as opening and closing balances.

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