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The Variables To Productivity

Posted on July 11, 2014 - Ewen Dobbie

With the increasing use and application of technology, productivity has increased. However, a divergence between the higher skilled and lower skilled workers is emerging. Technology can increase productivity and profitability, but it requires parallel innovation in business models, processes, and skills. Too often, companies invest in the technology but neglect the very important step of developing human capital and fail to re-examine and improve their business and organization processes..

Already a market leader, we believe The Dowco Group offers a strong brand and platform on which to build a major, global integrated engineering and construction solutions and associated services business. We do this by continuously searching for new technology and strategies that will improve our productivity and collaboration on projects.

Robert Solow earned is Nobel Prize for showing that economic growth does not come from people working harder, but rather from people working smarter. That means, using technologies and business processes to create more value without increasing labor.

Successful companies strive to stay ahead of the curve by discovering and applying new technology. In Dowco’s case, to provide software to Contractors, Architects, Engineers, Project Managers, Fabricators and Detailers, we must be aware of the technology and tools available, and we must be willing to quickly adapt to change. For many of our detailer friends and customers, this means offering services in Steel Detailing, Consulting, 3D Modeling, Pre-Detailing, and BIM Services and Solutions for the construction industry. To provide such solutions, we all need to establish relationships and supply products that can improve our customers’ profitability, ... which in turn, helps us all advance.

In the end, to compete in an increasing competitive, globalized world, productivity is the only thing that matters. To stay productive in the steel industry one must always be searching for ways to improve business strategies, processes, whilst continuously working to improving efficiencies through the application of technology. The level to which individual and/or company is willing to adapt and apply new technologies will determine the level of success ... or failure.

Dowco Group - Ewen Dobbie

President, CEO of Dowco Group of Companies