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From Chaos Comes Order

Posted on April 7, 2021 - Ewen Dobbie

Derived from Green mythology, chaos typically implies a state of extreme confusion and disorder. Another definition describes chaos as the uncertainty sparked by uncharted territory, economic recession, and bubbles of opportunity.

Depending on your current situation and business outlook, you will relate to one of these definitions more than the other. For many businesses 2020 likely caused immense financial pain as market and global pandemic chaos caused organizations to compress and retreat. There are however, also companies that thrive during chaotic times as we saw with companies that successfully pivoted and ultimately thrived during the pandemic.

The point is that in times of economic and market strain, dramatic change and simple evolution can give birth to a new set of market needs. Companies and individuals identifying those needs will enjoy success. Exploiting chaos therefore, should be the focus for each of us.

Where does our current chaos come from? A global economic recession? A global pandemic? The evolution of BIM, VDC and a changing construction industry? A globalization of the steel industry? Commoditization of essential steel services – including steel detailing, and engineering?

Regardless from where the chaos emanates, new trends will certainly emerge in the marketplace.

But with new trends or ideas, more chaos and questions also arise: When will the world be vaccinated and when will this pandemic end? Are we truly shifting to a model centric and collaborative workflow? Are all project stakeholders ready and willing to collaborate with 3d construction models? Will ‘Pre-construction modelling’, ‘Building Information Modelling’ (BIM), and ‘Virtual Design and Construction’ (VDC) really take off?

If so, who will be driving the process? Project owners, General Contractors, Fabricators, Detailers, or could it even be the Architects and Engineers?

Understanding the answers to these questions just might be the key to unlocking business potential, or even survival.

Are we at a cross road? Maybe yes, maybe no.

At Dowco, we continue to think strategically and position the company for growth in an ever-changing chaotic marketplace. We remain steadfast in our vision and belief that delivering quality services is still very much what the market needs. We believe from this current chaos will eventually come ‘order’, and those who ‘see and embrace’ the chaos and accept the current confusion and disorder, could very well stumble across the next big bubble of opportunity.

Dowco Group - Ewen Dobbie

President, CEO of Dowco Group of Companies