What is the Dowco Global Detailer Network (DGDN)?

Posted on August 13, 2019 by Ewen Dobbie

The Dowco Global Detailer Network (DGDN) will be comprised of independently owned steel detailing businesses all pre-qualified and Licenced by Dowco as official Members of the Dowco Global Detailer Network. All DGDN members will have their company experience carefully examined, competency tested, and Tekla software compliance verified before being considered as an official DGDN member.

The Dowco Global Detailer Network is being established to ensure Steel Fabricators, and Steel Contractors worldwide continue to receive quality 3D modeling, steel detailing and pre-construction services at affordable prices.

Dowco is offering a 'best practices detailing business in a box' and co-branding opportunity for an initial pre-launch affiliate and technology fee (plus an annual fee).

As a Certified member of the Dowco Global Detailer Network, affiliate or member detailers will market themselves as being part of the Dowco Global Detailer Network. In addition to Dowco branding opportunities, members have access to Dowco's highly qualified and experienced staff on an ad-hoc, on-call consultancy basis, access to Dowco's productivity enhancement tools, Tekla tools, (including North American Connection Macro set) and technologies. Eg. staff and task time tracking, project time reports, project cost reports, Earned Value Management summaries, manpower loading reports, forecasted invoicing, automated estimating programs, Dowco's Drawing Manager, Dowco's ReqX RFI Manager, online training programs (Dowco's AISC Online Steel detailer course, Online CISC Connection Design course), company manuals, US Fabricator Standards, Dowco intranet tools and more).

Having DOWCO's technology and best practices established over 50 years and the ability to leverage Dowco's history, brand and position in the marketplace is your fast track way to success in the steel detailing and services business.

Let us help you succeed.

Take control of your detailing business by contacting us to learn how you can become a Certified Member of Dowco's Global Detailer Network.

Please e-mail dowcodetailernetwork@dowco.com to find out more.

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