Why Joining the Dowco Global Detailer Network is Better Than Facing the Steel Fabrication and Construction Market Forces On Your Own

Posted on July 10, 2019 by Ewen Dobbie

We like to say at Dowco that we have "BIM there and done that," and that there isn’t much we haven’t seen, heard, or experienced during our five decades in the steel business. Smart business owners know there are advantages to learning from those that have gone before you, and that you must be quick to adapt in industries driven by technology and innovation. As mergers and acquisitions help the big companies get bigger through reduced costs and shared customers, consolidation in the fast-paced construction industry is inevitable. How are the small companies going to compete with these large global enterprises? And why give up equity if you can have the benefits of a large and established company while still maintaining operational control of your own business? Here are five reasons to become a DGDN member:

1) With Dowco’s Global Detailer Network ‘Business in a Box’, you get access to a dependable support system from day one

Being a member of the DGDN allows companies to remain independent, while still receiving strategic and operational guidance from industry leaders with an abundance of experience. Dowco provides a strong support system whilst allowing DGDN members to run their own businesses. During every step of the technology and best practices implementation process, Dowco shares its vast knowledge and expertise.

2) Your risk factor in joining the DGDN is little

Reflect on the viability of Dowco’s 50 years in the steel detailing business. Has the company succeeded? Is the company known around the world as technology leaders and innovators? Does Dowco do interesting and challenging work? Although admittedly there are business risks in any venture, becoming a DGDN member is significantly less risky than starting a business from scratch, or even facing today’s steel market forces alone. As a DGDN member, you have access to an existing and proven business model that will continue to evolve with the market.

3) Franchise type businesses have higher rates of success

It is a proven concept that franchises have a higher rate of success in comparison to startups or younger businesses. Every owner should weigh the cost of this investment against the potential gains from fast tracking learning, implementing proven processes & technology, and gaining customers and credibility in the marketplace. With Dowco’s tools, best practices and branding, DGDN members will spend less time fighting for scraps, and more time enhancing their presence at the global steel construction buffet.

4) You are building a business based off a well-established model

DGDN members reap the rewards of Dowco’s 50 years of tried and tested methods and systems. As a DGDN member, your teams have access to Dowco’s systems and procedures. Additionally, as the DGDN brand grows, DGDN members benefit from an internationally recognized brand name. Would it benefit your business to have an established reputation of quality and innovation?

5) Business relationships

Over the course of 50 years, Dowco has built strong business relationships and associations across the steel and construction value chain. DGDN members immediately benefit from these already-in-place relationships, as the credibility of being a member makes it easier to foster strong working relationships.

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