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Crazy or Smart ... Depends On One’s Point of View

Posted on March 23, 2021 - Ewen Dobbie

In 1975, Czech artist and animator Jan Svankmajer’s work was suppressed by communists.

Did he have the wrong point of view, or was it the right point of view seen by the wrong people?

Today Jan Svankmajer is a national treasure. Is he now right, and they were wrong, or is he still wrong, and they were right?

It is exactly the same work, but seen from a different point of view, the prevailing one being what the majority think. People are often like sheep following their leader. Its the leader who has a point of view about which way they shall go.

Having an original point of view, or angle is a novelty. Recognizing its value is intelligent. Having the courage to stand up for it in the face of public opinion is what makes a winner.

Author, Paul Arden, ‘Whatever you think, think the opposite’

As we look back on Dowco’s history, only time will tell if we are labeled as smart, innovative and/or even a successful company. Was Dowco’s 1981, $250,000 foray into the world of 2D CAD a crazy early automation risk, or was it that this early innovation set the company (and possibly even the industry) on a path of innovation and technological discovery that has lasted for decades.

Did Dowco have the right point of view seen by the wrong people? Even some Dowco staff claimed we were crazy and left us for other manual drafting pastures.

Looking back, can we say we were right and others were wrong? Were we right to jump to 3D modeling with Tekla Structures in 1995? As in 1981, there were naysayers then too.

We may be crazy but we like to think that what we do today, others will be doing tomorrow.

Dowco Group - Ewen Dobbie

President, CEO of Dowco Group of Companies