Is the Dowco Global Detailer Network 'Business in a Box' a Franchise?

Posted on July 10, 2019 by Ewen Dobbie

In a way, it sort-of is... but we like to refer to it differently. The Dowco Global Detailer Network is a group of independently owned detailing companies all having the objective to serve and support the steel fabrication and construction industry - and in the process become wildly successful independently run businesses.

Keeping with the loose definition of the DGDN as a franchise, it should not be news to anyone that franchise businesses have higher rates of success compared to start-up businesses. As a sizeable amount of work has already been achieved by the franchisor, high-brand awareness and repeat business has successfully been accomplished. This is exactly what Dowco is offering to DGDN members.

Having Dowco's technology platform and best practices established over 50 years, and having the ability to leverage Dowco's history, brand and position in the marketplace is your fast track way to success in the steel detailing and services business.

Most importantly, we are here to help you succeed.

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Business Strategist, Owner, President, CEO, Director, for technology companies serving the design & construction industry.

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